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Introducing our exquisite Purple Crystal Beads Bracelet with a touch of elegance – featuring a single White Marble Bead at its center. Carefully crafted with high-quality purple crystal beads, this bracelet offers a perfect blend of vibrancy and sophistication.

The deep purple hue creates a captivating and versatile accessory suitable for various occasions. The addition of the white marble bead at the center adds a unique focal point, adding a touch of refinement and contrast to the design.

Designed for both comfort and durability, this bracelet is an ideal choice for daily wear. Elevate your little one's style with the captivating beauty of our Purple Crystal Beads Bracelet with a White Marble Bead – a stunning accessory that combines vibrant charm with timeless elegance.

Purple crystal beads bracelet with one white marble bead in centre for girls

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