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Introducing our captivating Evil Eye Beads Bracelet – a stylish and symbolic accessory designed to add a touch of protection and elegance to your ensemble. Carefully crafted with high-quality beads featuring the iconic Evil Eye design, this bracelet blends fashion with spiritual significance.

The intricate patterns of the Evil Eye beads create a mesmerizing and versatile accessory suitable for various occasions. Believed to guard against negative energy, this bracelet not only complements your style but also adds a meaningful touch to your look.

Designed for both comfort and durability, this bracelet is perfect for daily wear. Elevate your ensemble with the captivating beauty and positive vibes of our Evil Eye Beads Bracelet – a fashionable accessory that seamlessly combines style and symbolic significance.

Evil eye Beads bracelet

₹299.00 Regular Price
₹199.00Sale Price
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